An integrated big data and artificial intelligence platform that focuses to deliver business value, easy & quick to deploy at an optimal cost.

DigiXT Benefits

Connecting systems, processing data, and delivering business use-cases' with ease to maximise value.

Optimize Costs

Modular design allows for smaller investments and fewer hardware requirements.

Rapid Deployment

Ready-to-deploy 'use-cases' accelerates the AI journey.

Maximize Business Value

Targeted efforts on specific business use-cases with outcome-based solutions and guaranteed results.

What We Offer

A versatile AI-powered platform with a wide range of capabilities to enable your business to lead in the digital age


Features on-premise or single-tenant fully managed hosting environment within the UAE

Smart Tool

Utilise the data, leverage insights and manage processes with our AI-powered tools to improve business outcomes


Customize, extend and integrate the platform with your existing business applications and social tools across enterprises


Delivers a scalable platform while keeping excellent quality of service

Why DigiXT

With the demands of a rapidly evolving business landscape, there has been a significant shift to digital to increase the delivery of products and services in order to future-proof your organisation for the new normal. Businesses that are willing to adapt to the new paradigm will thrive in the digital realm.
For Corporates

For Corporates

Transform Your Business

  • Enhance customer services
  • Boost productivity with customizable integrations
  • Centralized reporting across departments
  • Support flexible work environment
For Government

For Government

Delivering Innovative Digital Services

  • Collaborate safely in a highly secure environment
  • Provide improved services with AI
  • Optimize costs
  • Bi-lingual integrations
  • Centralized reporting across various government entities
For Innovators

For Innovators

Upgrade Your New Products/Services With Flexible Technology

  • Accelerating technological transformation
  • Drive the change with intelligent processes
  • Achieve agility while remaining committed to the end-user experience

How are we different?

DigiXT incorporates a comprehensive modular system with ready-to-deploy use cases that accelerates the Big Data journey with promising results.
Arabic AI
Offers out-of-the-box Arabic AI capabilities.
Modular System
Features a highly scalable and agile architecture.
Integrated Solutions
Delivers all the essentials for a BigData/AI solution without relying on a third party, with no hidden fees, or with integration issues.
Flexible Hosting
Supports a range of customizable hosting solutions, including on-premises, cloud, and hybrid.

Digixt Benefits

Scope of Digital Transformation
Business FunctionsChallengesDigiXT BenefitsClient facingSupportCore Business OperationClient facingCore Business OperationSupportSales and marketing Customer supportHR & AdministrationFinanceProcurementInformation securityLimited reach Lower conversion rateRestrictions on client interactionsIncreased expensesLower productivity rateLack of consolidated insightsLimited visibility across departments Lack of discipline in scenario planning and real-time reportsDistributed data sourcesInformation securityIncrease sales/revenue opportunitiesEnsure high security standardsFacilitate enterprise-wide cost optimizationGet real-time actionable insightsProvide exceptional customer service

How Can We Help?

Re-imagine the path to

digital transformation

Our AI implementation methodology streamlines your AI journey.
Finalize use-cases

Finalize use-cases

Select data sources

Select data sources

Platform deployment

Platform deployment

Data ingestion

Data ingestion

Data management

Data management

Deploy AI/ML platform

Deploy AI/ML platform

Discover Our Core capabilities

Given the sheer size of the data sets, a big data solution must often process data files using long-running batch tasks to filter, combine, and otherwise prepare the data for analysis. These jobs often involve reading source files, processing them, and publishing the output to new files.

If the solution has real-time sources, the architecture must include a mechanism for capturing and storing real-time messages for stream processing. This can be a basic data storage, with incoming messages being dumped into a folder for processing. Many systems require a message ingestion store to operate as a buffer for messages to allow scale-out processing, dependable delivery, and other message queuing semantics.

Change Data Capture (CDC)  is a data Integration technique that enables high-velocity data to accomplish reliable, low-latency, and scalable data replication while utilising fewer computation resources. We use CDC to provide fresh data updates in real-time to BI tools and team members, keeping them up to date. The most significant benefit of DigiXT’s CDC is that it can stream updates without directly querying the underlying source which is a significant performance boost.

Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) assists us in identifying the underlying structure of data and its dynamics, allowing us to maximise insights. EDA is also essential for extracting key variables and detecting outliers and abnormalities. Despite the fact that there are several algorithms in Machine Learning, EDA is regarded as one of the most significant components for understanding and driving the enterprise. Through search, lineage, and striking visualisations, the DigiXT platform tells a captivating story about your data.

As there are several databases accessible to address various issues, relying on a single database to meet all programme needs might result in a non-performing, “jack of all trades, master of none” solution. The storage in DigiXT’s architecture is polyglot, which means it may be of many kinds depending on the use case. This layer supports some of the most complex persistence architectures.

This layer or module provides a contemporary data layer that allows users to access, combine, transform, and deliver datasets with unprecedented speed and efficiency. Data virtualization technology provides users with quick access to data stored throughout the enterprise, including traditional databases, big data sources, and cloud and IoT systems, in a fraction of the time and expense of physical warehousing and extract/transform/load (ETL).

This module takes your experience in management operations from reactive to proactive. DigiXT empowers you to anticipate how changes to your product, brand, or customer and employee engagement will impact the bottom line.

Most big data solutions aim to bring insights into the data via analysis and reporting. This layer allows for access-controlled data retrieval for MIS reasons. Standard access techniques, such as APIs and ODBC/JDBC, are available for downstream access, from mobile applications to web applications.


Typical big data solutions consist of repeated data processing operations included in workflows that convert source data, transfer data across many sources and sinks, as well as load, processed data into an analytical data repository or convey the findings directly to a report or dashboard. This layer is responsible for automating these workflows.

This layer ensures the success of the platform which is determined by the efficiency with which the separate components are handled, with a management console for creating users, granting access, monitoring, and implementing alerts and notifications.


What Our Clients Say

DigiXT stays ahead of the curve with the digital age.


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